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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Family Devotionals For Today

Good morning!

Since services are canceled today, I thought I would encourage you to have a family Bible & worship time today.  I will share the message planned for today, "It's a Wonderful Life" from John 9, on December 26. Until then, meditate on the 9th chapter of John's Gospel and think about the  parallels between the blind man, yourself and the main character George Bailey from the movie from which the sermon title is taken.

A Plan for Family Worship:
Gather the family and offer prayers of thanksgiving and praise.
Ask each family to share a favorite Christmas hymn and discuss why it is special to that person.
Read John 1:1-18. Discuss why John's Christmas story is so different from its presentation in Matthew & Luke.
What are the main ideas God wants us to get in John 1 about the coming of Jesus?
Have every member of the family pray for another member of your family.
Sing one of the favorite Christmas hymns together.

  Pastor Larry

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